Prints For Sale

All of the photos below are taken by me. Prints are available in two different formats, first being a 20x16 matte paper print done on high quality Fuji paper. These prints look like paintings, while retaining all of the detail of the digital file. It goes without saying that they look fantastic, especially once they're framed on a white frame with a white matte around it to focus attention on the photo.

Second option is a ultra high quality metal print, framed out in a black aluminum frame ready to hang. These are absolutely stunning prints, and make for an incredible piece of art to hang in your office or home. These are definitely the more pricey of the two options, but every last penny is seen in the size and quality of the finished product.

Please contact me if you're interested in getting one of these made for your home, office, or as a gift!

I4 Panorama

Taken from the Amway Arena downtown during an Instagram meetup. There are two versions available for this photo, the one you see here and an even wider version that didn't fit properly here. Feel free to inquire about the other version if you're interested!

Big Talbot Island

An early morning sunrise from Big Talbot Island in Jacksonville, Florida. The only people that are up this early are photographers and fisherman!

Goðafoss, North Iceland

We did a motorcycle trip around the entire country of Iceland, and this was one of our stops. Despite this place having quite a few tourists around it, I managed to line up the shot so that only my friend was in it as he was taking a shot. The waterfall was deafening, so he didn't even know I took this until I showed it to him. I felt like having a person in the photo added a good sense of scale to the place.

Kanarraville Falls, Utah

This is a great little hike, and kind of off the beaten path. After about 30 minutes from leaving your car, you find the water and then just start making your way upstream to see some beautiful scenery. This was the first waterfall in the slot canyon, and you climb up on the makeshift ladder to continue the journey!

Lake Eola Sunset Silhouette

Taken from the west end of the lake during an Instagram meetup. This was a unique sunset over Lake Eola in the heart of downtown Orlando. The color only stayed like this for about 5 minutes, but that was long enough for me to capture it!

Reykjavík Harbor, Iceland

Looking north from the end of the harbor in Reykjavík, this was the first night we spent in Iceland. We would not be so lucky with incredible weather for the rest of the trip!

Volcano in Mexico

My flight left Acapulco before dawn, and on the hour long flight to Mexico City my brother and I were treated to a great view of the city lights and then a spectacular sunrise. I was just taking pics with my phone, because the lights were on in the cabin and there were really visible reflections on the window. As we got closer, the pilot turned off all the lights in the cabin and I knew I had to switch to my camera. Add to the fact that the flight was only half full, and I was able to move about the cabin snapping away for about 5 minutes as we passed the volcano. Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Lake Eola Reflections

A highly detailed shot of downtown Orlando, reflected into the waters of Lake Eola on a summer night.

Taking Flight

I went downtown to catch the sunset because I thought it would be a good one after the rain. This was taken facing east at sunset - that's how good the colors were when I took this. I know tons of people take pics of this sculpture, but I thought a long exposure making the water glassy along with the incredible colors in the sky would give a unique look. The blurs in the water are from the swans making their way along the lake.

The sculpture is called 'Take Flight' and it's by Kentucky based Artist Douwe Blumberg.

Seljalandsfoss, South Iceland

Our first stop along the ring road after leaving Reykjavik, this place was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't help but to jump off the motorcycle immediately to line up the first of many shots in the wildflowers near the waterfall.

Lake Eola Sunset

This was actually one frame of a timelapse that I was capturing on a particularly colorful night on Lake Eola. Luckily, I was taking high resolution frames so I was able to make a photo from a single frame of the sunset!

Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin Ireland

My friend and I walked around Dublin for most of the night in between stopping at various pubs, just taking photos of the lively city. This was probably my favorite of the bunch. A really ugly fence is just on the right edge of this, so I couldn't quite capture all of the bridge in the shot.