Arizona/Utah Trip

July 14-17, 2016

Basically an extended weekend spent in the beauty of Utah. Best part of this trip was the fact that I didn't even know two of the guys before going! I've become a heavy user of Instagram this year, and that's how I met everyone that went on this trip. Definitely fun to expand your horizons, and take in areas that I've never been to before.

We landed in Vegas late Thursday night, and drove through the night to catch sunrise at Horseshoe Bend. After checking into a hotel in Page, Arizona, we hit the 10:30 tour at Upper Antelope Canyon and managed to catch the light rays coming throught the slot right at the end of the tour. Later in the afternoon, we hit Lower Antelope Canyon and out of the two, it was my favorite. Highly recommend it. Afterwards, we swung by Horseshoe Bend again to catch the sunset, but there was one little difference - the massive amount of people there! Seriously, it was pretty unreal how many people were lined around the edge.

The next day we went about 2 hours west, and did the hike at Kanarraville Falls, definitely the highlight of the trip. The town is so small they don't even have a gas station. After about 20-30 minute of hiking, you come across a stream and then you spend the rest of the hike walking in the water as it flows down the slot canyon. Definitely a great way to keep you cool during the day. The ladders made out of trees are very cool sight, and we managed to see three different sets of them before having to turn around before we would be caught in the dark.

On the last day, we decided to hike up to Angel's Landing in Zion. We started the hike before the sun came up, and I would highly recommend doing it this way. It's definitely a challenging walk up to the top, and was a whole lot easier doing it out of the sight of the sun.